I offer appointments throughout the day starting as early as 8:00AM. Appointments are usually 55 minutes, but can be longer or shorter if you prefer. In the case of a crisis, I will attempt to schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. ​


The fee for a one hour session is $200 for individual clients and $225 for couples. It is my goal to work with each of my clients personally to make counseling accessible and affordable for them.


I accept most insurance plans. Prior to your initial visit, a member of my office staff can verify your benefits so that you will have a clear understanding of the costs involved. Insurance provides reimbursement for mental health conditions that meet the criteria for medical necessity and generally excludes couples counseling.
There are risks and benefits to using healthcare insurance for treatment. The obvious benefit is reduced out of pocket costs. The sometimes unforeseen risk is that the insurance company requires a diagnosis and it will enter that diagnosis into your permanent healthcare record. My commitment is to make you aware of privacy issues and provide effective short-term therapy that strives to accomplish you goals as quickly as possible


I provide all clients the highest level of confidentiality allowed by law. The Center has a large lobby which provides some discretion and appointments can be held upstairs which allows clients to leave without re-entering the lobby. However, for some high-profile individuals, privacy is a significant issue. In these situations, I can make special scheduling or location accommodations.